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Crystal Artistry

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I’ve discovered that the creative muse can sometimes lead me in several directions before I finally get to the perfect incarnation of an idea. 

That’s to be expected, and I’ve learned not to be discouraged if I find new or better ideas than the one I started with – even if it means “undoing” a lot of painstaking work!

Recently on a treasure shopping trip to New York City, I was passionately inspired by an amazing large crystal appliqué. It took my breath away. I wanted it! I didn’t have a clear idea at that moment of exactly how I’d use it, but it was the kind of piece that is rare to find, and its “wow factor” was extraordinary. I was happy and excited to design the perfect dress to show off its beauty.

I went to work on an idea that I loved, sure it was perfect to show off the appliqué. I put a lot of time and effort in on the dress, but in the end, I was forced to admit to myself that. . . . .it just didn’t work the way I’d imagined. I took a quick minute to be disappointed, took a deep breath, and carefully removed it from the dress. In the process – and inspired once again by working with that beautiful piece -- my mind quickly developed a “new, improved” idea to show it off. 

Enthused by this new vision, I completely restyled the dress, added some lace, tulle, silk chiffon and sparkly vintage rhinestone trim around the neck. . .and voila! 

Photo Credit: Cesar Chavez Photography

I love how the contemporary lines of the dress contrast with the appliqué, the perfect mix of old and new to create an unexpected look that shows off this spectacular piece of beadwork. 

This experience reminded me that it’s always best to pay attention to my design intuition – and go along for the ride even when it feels like going backwards sometimes!