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The exciting whirlwind of designing, creating, and debuting my Fall/Winter Collection is over, and it feels like it happened in a flash!

There’s nothing like a hard, no fudge deadline to get the creative process in gear, and I worked through the summer to be ready, starting with 10 new dresses, and adding 3 more by the last show.

Debut season started the evening of October 1 at the International Couture Presentation (ICP) at the Solaire Grand Space in Silver Spring, a contemporary and striking venue perfect for the upscale fashion event. Hosted by SMTV and Club MOD, this sophisticated show featured designers from New York and Washington, DC, and I was thrilled to be invited.

The ICP is not the typical runway show, where models walk the runway and each dress is seen for about 40 seconds. This show takes an entirely different approach. A designer’s collection is presented, with models on pedestals, for 10-15 minutes. That way, attendees can spend as much time as they like perusing details and getting to see designs, up close and personal. It was a truly exciting way to show my new designs!

The ICP was the perfect preparation for two other more traditional runway shows this season. On October 26, my designs were featured at the Wedding Expo at the Villa, a beautiful venue in Beltsville, Maryland.

Photo Credit: Cesar Chavez Photography

Photo Credit: Cesar Chavez Photography

And on December, 11, I wrapped up the season in Annapolis, Maryland at the T Rose International Bridal Show, where I was the featured designer. More than 250 brides, prospective brides, bridal party members, mothers, aunts, and friends packed the display areas.

Photo Credit: Picture N Motion

Photo Credit: Picture N Motion

I’m often asked, as a “one woman band,” how I manage to not only create the designs but actually sew them myself. The answer (besides not sleeping very much!) is my intuitive approach to design. When I’m struck with an idea, I get right to work on creating the pattern and cutting the fabric– even if I don’t have full details like embellishments in mind.

So I end up with numerous neat “in process piles” of partially complete dresses throughout my studio. Then, when I’m struck by my creative muse, I simply add to what’s already there, and eventually, the finished design emerges. That’s exactly how those 13 new designs came into being, just in time for the runway!   

Right now, I’m taking a bit of a breather to recover. But as the calendar turns to 2017, you guessed it – it’s time to start working on the Spring/Summer Collection, as well as meeting with lots of new brides who got engaged this holiday season! And yes, a few intriguing designs are already starting to emerge. You know where I’ll be this winter!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a bright, beautiful, joyful, and sparkling holiday season!