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My Funny Valentine

Sheri AutryComment

Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated romantically, and of course, it’s one of my favorite days! My “Ultimate Valentine” is my sweetie hubby of more than six years, and we love to romance and delight each other with special remembrances on this day.

But there’s another adorable spirit who has been close by my side for nearly a decade who must count as my “Funny Valentine” – my adorable and loyal Chorkie, Peanut.

Peanut and I have been inseparable since the day she came into my life, weighing a whopping 2 pounds. Now, she’s a 6-pound definition of BFF, canine style. And in keeping with the definition of couture, Peanut is a proud style maven, too! Her wardrobe is more expansive than mine, and her fans eagerly await her newest looks.

Peanut is an active participant in my studio, always curious about what’s on the drawing board, what fabrics are ready to cut, which designs are in progress on the machine, and inspecting finished dresses. She doesn’t miss anything!

Peanut has been beside me through thick and thin, when my dreams of having my own design business were just wisps of ideas and I wasn’t quite sure how to make it all happen. She is never judgmental or angry with me, even when I’m working 24/7 – she’s always right there with me.


So Peanut, here’s my heart for another wonderful year together! Thanks for being my Funny Valentine and always bringing a smile to my face. Who knows what we’ll create next?

And to all who appreciate uncommon fashion (just like Peanut!), I hope you make it a special day, full of beauty, joy, and whatever makes your heart sing. Happy Valentine’s Day!